Lister Register and Sanction Cars

Definitive Lister Chassis Register

We have commissioned Robert Edwards, well known author and researcher whose work includes the book ARCHIE AND THE LISTERS, to produce a definitive ‘Register’ of all Lister chassis numbers, as issued by the factory, together with the associated cars and owners. Should Robert contat you, we would ask you to assist him wherever you can as your help here will be much appreciated. If you own an original Lister car it would help us if you could register your car details within our ‘Register’ section below. If you have any queries please contact Robert Edwards at:

Lister Replica Cars

We are aware of a number of replica cars in the market place being described as Lister cars. Some of these cars are crude glass-fibre facsimiles (kit cars) and can easily be recognised but others are being described as 'continuation cars' or 'tool room copies' and may even have obtained FIA/HTP historic racing papers.

IMPORTANT: The Lister trade mark and logo are valuable assets of our company. Replica Lister cars built outside of the Lister factory infringe our design and trade mark intellectual property rights as only the cars built at the factory have a 'legal right' to wear the Lister badge and logo and be described as a Lister. Also, we have certain copy-write and design rights in the original plans and drawings, which are unique to us and which should not be used or copied.

Lister Sanction Service

If you own a previously constructed (non-factory) Lister replica car then you have ‘no’ legal rights to display the Lister name and logo on the car or in ‘any way’ describe the car as a Lister, however in order to provide a ‘life-line’ you can apply for your car to be ‘Sanctioned’ (see below) and undergo an evaluation procedure which will lead to your car being granted permission to use the Lister name and logo and enable you to describe your car as a Lister together with the issue of a BHL-S (Sanction) chassis number. Robert Edwards within our Official Lister Chassis Register of Cars will then document your car.

Your car will require an examination of the vehicle by George Lister Engineering in Cambridge to establish its specification and recommend further action to bring the vehicle up to ‘Lister Ex-Works specification’. Think of it as an MoT with possible advisories and just like an MoT there will be a relatively small fee to pay (£35k) in relation to the enhanced value and status of your car. Only George Lister Engineering are authorised to examine your car and issue a BHL-S (Sanction) chassis number. BHL-C (Continuation) chassis numbers are reserved for complete new cars built (from the ground up) by George Lister Engineering.


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