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Race Success

Over the years Lister cars have been in various memorable races, below are the results from each and every race

Date Race Car Position Drivers
3.4.1954National SnettertonLister - MG1Archie Scott-Brown
3.4.1954National SnettertonLister - MG1Archie Scott-Brown
10.4.1954British Empire TrophyLister - MGDNQKen Wharton/(Archie Scott-Brown)
19.4.1954National Brands HatchLister - MG2Jack Sears
22.5.1954National SilverstoneLister - MG4Don Beauman
5.6.1954National Snetterton Lister - MG2Jack Sears
5.6.1954National Snetterton Lister - MG1Jack Sears
7.6.1954National Brands HatchLister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
12.6.1954National Oulton Park Lister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
19.6.1954National Snetterton Lister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
10.7.1954National Oulton ParkLister - MG?.Archie Scott-Brown
17.7.1954British GP Lister - Bristol5Archie Scott-Brown
17.7.1954British GP Lister - MG7Archie Scott-Brown
24.7.1954National Fairwood Lister - Bristol2Archie Scott-Brown
24.7.1954National Fairwood Lister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
24.7.1954National Fairwood Lister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
2.8.1954Brands Hatch InternationLister - MG1Archie Scott-Brown
2.8.1954Brands Hatch InternationLister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
14.8.1954Snetterton InternationalLister - MG?.Jack Sears
14.8.1954Snetterton InternationalLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
28.8.1954National Castle Combe Lister - BristolSTArchie Scott-Brown
28.8.1954National Castle CombeLister - Bristol2Archie Scott-Brown
5.9.1954National Brands HatchLister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
5.9.1954National Brands HatchLister - Bristol2Archie Scott-Brown
11.9.1954National SilverstoneLister - MG1Archie Scott-Brown
18.9.1954Crystal Palace InternatiLister - MG2Archie Scott-Brown
18.9.1954Crystal Palace InternatiLister - Bristol5Archie Scott-Brown
25.9.1954Goodwood International Lister - Bristol2Stirling Moss
2.10.1954Aintree InternationalLister - Bristol7Archie Scott-Brown
9.10.1954National Snetterton Lister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
26.3.1955National Snetterton Lister - Bristol2Archie Scott-Brown
26.3.1955National Snetterton Lister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
26.3.1955National Snetterton Lister Bristol?.Jack Sears
2.4.1955British Empire TrophyLister - BristolDNQAllan Moore
2.4.1955British Empire TrophyLister - Bristol19Jack Sears
2.4.1955British Empire TrophyLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
12.4.1955Goodwood Easter Lister - BristolDNFDavid Hampshire
12.4.1955Goodwood Easter Lister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
12.4.1955Goodwood EasterLister - BristolDNFJack Sears
16.4.1955National CharterhallLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
16.4.1955National CharterhallLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
16.4.1955National SnettertonLister Rover3Tony Murkett
30.4.1955National Ibsley Lister - Bristol4Archie Scott-Brown
30.4.1955National Ibsley Lister - Bristol8Allan Moore
30.4.1955National Ibsley Lister - Bristol9
30.4.1955National IbsleyLister - Bristol2
7.5.1955Silverstone InternationaLister - BristolDNFArchie Scott-Brown
7.5.1955Silverstone InternationaLister - BristolDNFJack Sears
7.5.1955Silverstone InternationaLister - Bristol16Allan Moore
14.5.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2Allan Moore
14.5.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol3Allan Moore
14.5.1955National SilverstoneLister Rover5Tony Murkett
14.5.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2Allan Moore
15.5.1955Bol d'OrLister - RileyDNFJohn Horridge/Beetson
28.5.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol3Archie Scott-Brown
28.5.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol5No Cunningham-Reid
28.5.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
28.5.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
29.5.1955National Brands HatchLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
30.5.1955Goodwood International Lister - Bristol6David Hampshire
30.5.1955Goodwood International Lister - Bristol5Allan Moore
30.5.1955Goodwood International Lister - BristolSTDavid Hampshire
30.5.1955Goodwood International Lister - Bristol8Allan Moore
30.5.1955National Crystal PalaceLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
30.5.1955National Crystal PalaceLister - Bristol5No Cunningham-Reid
18.6.1955National GoodwoodLister - Bristol5No Cunningham-Reid
18.6.1955National GoodwoodLister - Bristol6No Cunningham-Reid
25.6.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol2Archie Scott-Brown
25.6.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol9Allan Moore
10.7.1955National Brands HatchLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
16.7.1955British GPLister - BristolDNFArchie Scott-Brown
16.7.1955British GPLister - Bristol?.Allan Moore
16.7.1955British GPLister - Bristol10David Hampshire
25.7.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2No Cunningham-Reid
30.7.1955Crystal Palace InternatiLister - Bristol2Archie Scott-Brown
30.7.1955Crystal Palace InternatiLister - BristolDNAJack Sears
30.7.1955Crystal Palace InternatiLister - BristolSTAllan Moore
1.8.1955Brands Hatch InternationLister - BristolDNAJack Sears
1.8.1955Brands Hatch InternationLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
1.8.1955Brands Hatch InternationLister - BristolDNANo Cunningham-Reid
1.8.1955Brands Hatch InternationLister - RileyDNAJohn Horridge
6.8.1955Charterhall InternationaLister - Bristol3Archie Scott-Brown
6.8.1955Charterhall InternationaLister - Bristol3No Cunningham-Reid
6.8.1955Charterhall InternationaLister - Bristol1Archie Scott-Brown
6.8.1955Charterhall InternationaLister - BristolDNANo Cunningham-Reid
6.8.1955Charterhall InternationaLister - Bristol3Archie Scott-Brown
14.8.1955Snetterton InternationalLister - BristolDNFArchie Scott-Brown
14.8.1955Snetterton InternationalLister - BristolDNFDimitri Kasterine
14.8.1955Snetterton InternationalLister - BristolDNFJack Sears
14.8.1955Snetterton InternationalLister - RileyDNAJohn Horridge/Beetson
20.8.19559 h GoodwoodLister - Bristol13Allan Moore/Bill Holt
20.8.19559 h GoodwoodLister - Bristol9David Hampshire/Peter Scott-Russell
27.8.1955Oulton Park InternationaLister - BristolDNFArchie Scott-Brown
27.8.1955Oulton Park InternationaLister - BristolDNFKen Wharton
3.9.1955Aintree InternationalLister - BristolDNFArchie Scott-Brown
3.9.1955Aintree InternationalLister - Bristol7No Cunningham-Reid
3.9.1955Aintree InternationalLister - BristolDNAWilliam B. Black/Jack Sears
3.9.1955Aintree InternationalLister - RileyDNAJohn Horridge/Beetson
4.9.1955National Brands HatchLister - Bristol3Jack Sears
4.9.1955National Brands HatchLister - Bristol1No Cunningham-Reid
10.9.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2No Cunningham-Reid
10.9.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol1No Cunningham-Reid
17.9.1955National Oulton ParkLister - Bristol1No Cunningham-Reid
17.9.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol3Jack Sears
17.9.1955National SilverstoneLister - Bristol4Allan Moore
18.9.1955Tourist TrophyLister - BristolDNABob Gerard
25.9.1955National SnettertonLister - Bristol?.Jack Sears
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - BristolDNARoy Salvadori
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - Bristol4Jack Sears
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - BristolSTAllan Moore
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - Bristol3Roy Salvadori
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - Bristol4Jack Sears
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - BristolDNANo Cunningham-Reid
1.10.1955Castle Combe InternationLister - BristolDNAAllan Moore
9.10.1955National Brands HatchLister - Bristol2Jack Sears
9.10.1955National Brands HatchLister - Bristol6Ken Eaton
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [S+1.5]Lister - MaseratiDNA
14.4.1956British Empire TrophyLister - BristolDNAJohn Horridge
14.4.1956British Empire TrophyLister - BristolDNQAusten Nurse
14.4.1956British Empire TrophyLister - Bristol19Allan Moore
14.4.1956British Empire TrophyLister - Maserati13Archie Scott-Brown
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]Lister - Maserati4Archie Scott-Brown
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]Lister - BristolDNANo Cunningham-Reid
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]Lister - BristolSTAllan Moore
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]Lister - BristolSTAusten Nurse
5.5.1956Daily Express SilverstonLister - Maserati9Archie Scott-Brown
5.5.1956Daily Express SilverstonLister - Bristol14Austen Nurse
5.5.1956Daily Express SilverstonLister - Bristol13Allan Moore
12.5.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2Austen Nurse
12.5.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2Austen Nurse
12.5.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol1Austen Nurse
12.5.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol1Austen Nurse
19.5.1956National SnettertonLister - Maserati1Archie Scott-Brown
20.5.1956Brands Hatch [Formula Lib]Lister - Maserati2Archie Scott-Brown
21.5.1956Goodwood [S+1.5]Lister - MaseratiDNFArchie Scott-Brown
21.5.1956Goodwood [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol9Allan Moore
21.5.1956Mallory Park [Formula Lib]Lister - Bristol2Austen Nurse
21.5.1956National Mallory ParkLister - Bristol6A. J. Churchley
21.5.1956National Mallory ParkLister - Bristol1Austen Nurse
2.6.1956National Oulton ParkLister - Bristol2Austen Nurse
2.6.1956National Oulton ParkLister - Bristol1Austen Nurse
2.6.1956Oulton Park [Formula Lib]Lister - Bristol3Austen Nurse
9.6.1956Oulton Park [Formula Lib]Lister - Bristol3Austen Nurse
10.6.1956National Brands HatchLister - Bristol1No Cunningham-Reid
17.6.1956National SnettertonLister - Bristol5Allan Moore
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [S+1.5]Lister - Maserati4Archie Scott-Brown
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol?.Allan Moore
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol?. So Cunningham-Reid
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [S+1.5]Lister - BristolDNFJohn Horridge
23.6.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2Austen Nurse
23.6.1956Silverstone [R/S2.0]Lister - Bristol1Austen Nurse
30.6.195612 h ReimsLister - BristolDNFJohn Horridge/David Piper
14.7.1956GP SilverstoneLister - MaseratiDNFArchie Scott-Brown
14.7.1956GP SilverstoneLister - BristolDNFAusten Nurse
14.7.1956GP SilverstoneLister - Bristol9Allan Moore
21.7.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2No Cunningham-Reid
21.7.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2No Cunningham-Reid
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [S+1.5]Lister - BristolSTAllan Moore
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [S+1.5]Lister - Maserati1Archie Scott-Brown
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol6John Horridge
6.8.1956National Mallory ParkLister - Bristol2Austen Nurse
18.8.1956Oulton Park [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol12John Horridge
18.8.1956Oulton Park [S+1.5]Lister - Maserati5Archie Scott-Brown
2.9.1956National Snetterton Lister - Bristol?.John Horridge
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy Lister - MaseratiDNAArchie Scott-Brown
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy Lister - Bristol11Austen Nurse
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy Lister - BristolDNSAllan Moore
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy Lister - MaseratiDNAArchie Scott-Brown
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy Lister - Bristol14Austen Nurse
8.9.1956Goodwood TrophyLister - BristolDNFAllan Moore
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy [S+1.5]Lister - MaseratiDNAArchie Scott-Brown
16.9.1956Mallory ParkLister - Bristol3Austen Nurse
16.9.1956National Mallory Park Lister - Bristol3Austen Nurse
22.9.1956Oulton Park [F2]Lister ClimaxDNAArchie Scott-Brown
6.10.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol6John Horridge
6.10.1956National Silverstone Lister - Bristol4John Horridge
6.10.1956National SilverstoneLister - Bristol2Allan Moore
6.10.1956National Silverstone Lister - Bristol3Austen Nurse
6.10.1956National Silverstone Lister - Bristol2Allan Moore
6.10.1956Silverstone [Formula Lib]Lister - Bristol4Allan Moore
6.10.1956Silverstone [Racing Hand]Lister - Bristol2Allan Moore
7.10.1956National SnettertonLister - Bristol3John Horridge
7.10.1956National SnettertonLister - Bristol?.John Horridge
14.10.1956National Brands HatchLister - Bristol3John Horridge
6.4.1957British Empire TrophyLister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
6.4.1957British Empire Trophy Lister - BristolSTJohn Horridge
6.4.1957British Empire TrophyLister - BristolSTGil Baird
6.4.1957British Empire TrophyLister - Maserati4Allan Moore
21.4.1957Brands Hatch EasterLister - Bristol1John Horridge
22.4.1957Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - MaseratiSTAllan Moore
22.4.1957Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
12.5.1957GP SpaLister - JaguarDNAArchie Scott-Brown
10.6.1957National Crystal PalaceLister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
20.7.1957Aintree InternationalLister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
28.7.1957Snetterton [S2.7]+[S+2.7]Lister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
3.8.1957Preliminary Virginia Lister - ArnoltDNARay Erickson
3.8.1957Preliminary Virginia Lister - Bristol10John Norwood
4.8.1957SCCA National Virginia Lister - ArnoltDNARay Erickson
4.8.1957SCCA National Virginia Lister - Bristol12John Norwood
5.8.1957National Brands Hatch Lister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
14.9.1957Silverstone InternationaLister - Maserati?.Allan Moore
14.9.1957Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar2Archie Scott-Brown
21.9.1957GP Watkins Glen Lister - Bristol13Ray Erickson
21.9.1957Watkins Glen [EM+FM+GM] Lister Arnolt23Ray Erickson
28.9.1957National Open Goodwood Lister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
28.9.1957National Open Goodwood Lister - JaguarSTTom Kyffin
29.9.1957SCCA National BridgehampLister - BristolSTJohn Norwood
1958CumberlandLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
1958CumberlandLister - Jaguar2Ed Crawford
8.2.1958Teretonga ParkLister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
22.3.195812 h SebringLister - JaguarDNFArchie Scott-Brown/*Walt Hansgen/(John Gordon Bennett)
22.3.195812 h SebringLister - JaguarDNFEd Crawford/*Pat O'Connor
7.4.1958Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar?.Bruce Halford
7.4.1958Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar4Peter Whitehead
7.4.1958Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - JaguarDNFArchie Scott-Brown
12.4.1958British Empire TrophyLister - JaguarSTPeter Whitehead
12.4.1958British Empire TrophyLister - JaguarDNSArchie Scott-Brown
12.4.1958British Empire TrophyLister - Jaguar3Archie Scott-Brown/(Bruce Halford)
19.4.1958200 mile AintreeLister - JaguarDNFBruce Halford
19.4.1958200 mile AintreeLister - Jaguar1Archie Scott-Brown
19.4.1958200 mile AintreeLister - Jaguar3Masten Gregory
27.4.1958SCCA National MarlboroLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
3.5.1958Daily Express SilverstonLister - JaguarSTPierre Stasse
3.5.1958Daily Express SilverstonLister - JaguarDNABruce Halford
3.5.1958Daily Express SilverstonLister - Jaguar9Peter Whitehead
3.5.1958Daily Express SilverstonLister - Jaguar2Archie Scott-Brown
3.5.1958Daily Express SilverstonLister - JaguarSTWolfgang Seidel
3.5.1958Daily Express SilverstonLister - Jaguar1Masten Gregory
4.5.1958Preliminary VirginiaLister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
4.5.1958Preliminary Virginia Lister - Jaguar1Ed Crawford
4.5.1958SCCA National Virginia Lister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
4.5.1958SCCA National Virginia Lister - Jaguar2Ed Crawford
5.5.1958GP des FrontieresLister - BristolDNFJohn Horridge
17.5.1958SCCA National CumberlandLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
18.5.1958GP SpaLister - Jaguar9Peter Whitehead
18.5.1958GP SpaLister - Jaguar?.Bruce Halford
18.5.1958GP SpaLister - Jaguar6Freddy Rousselle
18.5.1958GP SpaLister - JaguarDNFArchie Scott-Brown
18.5.1958GP SpaLister - Jaguar1Masten Gregory
26.5.1958Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar1Graham Whitehead
6.6.1958SCCA National BridgehampLister - Jaguar2Ed Crawford
6.6.1958SCCA National BridgehampLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
15.6.1958SCCA National Lime RockLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
22.6.195824 h Le MansLister - JaguarDNFFreddy Rousselle/Claude Dubois
22.6.195824 h Le MansLister - Jaguar15Bruce Halford/Brian Naylor
22.6.1958SCCA National Road AmeriLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
22.6.1958SCCA National Road AmeriLister - Jaguar2Ed Crawford
29.6.1958Lime Rock [CM+DM+EM+FM]Lister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
29.6.1958Lime Rock [CM+DM+EM+FM]Lister - Corvette4Fred Windridge
5.7.1958National Open Crystal PaLister - Jaguar2Bruce Halford
5.7.1958National Open Crystal PaLister - Jaguar1Ivor Bueb
5.7.1958SCCA National Lime RockLister - Jaguar1Ed Crawford
19.7.1958GP SilverstoneLister - JaguarDNSMasten Gregory
19.7.1958GP SilverstoneLister - JaguarDNFPeter Whitehead
19.7.1958GP SilverstoneLister - Jaguar6Bruce Halford
19.7.1958GP SilverstoneLister - JaguarDNFWalt Hansgen
19.7.1958GP SilverstoneLister - Jaguar1Stirling Moss
27.7.1958SnettertonLister - Jaguar3Bruce Halford
27.7.1958SnettertonLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
27.7.1958SnettertonLister Jaguar2Ross Jensen
4.8.1958Brands Hatch [Unlimited]Lister - Jaguar3Bruce Halford
4.8.1958Brands Hatch [Unlimited]Lister - Jaguar1Ivor Bueb
4.8.1958Brands Hatch [Unlimited]Lister - Jaguar2Ross Jensen
4.8.1958Mallory Park [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol4J. Randles
4.8.1958Mallory Park [S+1.5]Lister - Bristol5F. Elliott
17.8.1958SCCA National MontgomeryLister - Bristol?.John Norwood
17.8.1958SCCA National MontgomeryLister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
31.8.1958SCCA National ThompsonLister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
7.9.1958Snetterton [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar1Ross Jensen
7.9.1958Snetterton [S+1.1]Lister Jaguar7Pat Melville
13.9.1958Tourist TrophyLister - JaguarDNSClaude Dubois/Yves Tassin
13.9.1958Tourist TrophyLister - JaguarDNFIvor Bueb/Bruce Halford
13.9.1958Tourist TrophyLister - JaguarDNFRoss Jensen/[Ivor Bueb]/[Bruce Halford]/(John Bekaert)
20.9.1958GP Watkins GlenLister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
20.9.1958GP Watkins GlenLister - Jaguar1Ed Crawford
20.9.1958Oulton Park [S+1.1]Lister - JaguarDNARoss Jensen
20.9.1958Oulton Park [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar5Andre Pilette
20.9.1958Oulton Park [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar2Ivor Bueb
20.9.1958Oulton Park [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar3Bruce Halford
21.9.1958USAC MarlboroLister - Bristol11Jim Rathmann
5.10.1958SCCA National Virginia Lister - JaguarST
5.10.1958SCCA National Virginia Lister - CorvetteDNFFred Windridge
5.10.1958SCCA National Virginia Lister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
12.10.1958Snetterton [Sports]Lister - Jaguar2Bruce Halford
12.10.1958USAC RiversideLister - Corvette8Bill Pollack
1959Leinster TrophyLister - Jaguar?.John Bekaert
31.1.1959Preliminary PomonaLister - CorvetteDNAJim Connors/Wayne Wisler
1.2.1959Pomona [Modified +2.0]Lister - CorvetteDNAJim Connors/Wayne Wisler
8.3.1959USAC PomonaLister - Chevrolet s/cDNFJim Hall
8.3.1959USAC PomonaLister - ChevroletDNFWayne Weiler
21.3.195912 h SebringLister - JaguarDNFIvor Bueb/Stirling Moss/(Russ Boss)
21.3.195912 h SebringLister - Jaguar12Walt Hansgen/Dick Thompson
21.3.195912 h SebringLister - Jaguar15Briggs Cunningham/Lake Underwood/Russ Boss/[Stirling Moss]
22.3.1959SnettertonLister - ChevroletSTBrightman
22.3.1959SnettertonLister - ChevroletSTJohn Ewer
22.3.1959SnettertonLister - Jaguar2John Bekaert
22.3.1959SnettertonLister - Jaguar1Ron Flockhart
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]Lister - Corvette?.John Ewer
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar6Masten Gregory
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar1Ivor Bueb
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar7John Bekaert
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar2Peter Blond
30.3.1959Mallory Park [S+1.2]Lister - Jaguar1Jim Clark
5.4.19591000 km DaytonaLister - Corvette17Fred Windridge/Bob Holbert
5.4.19591000 km Daytona Lister - Corvette18A. J. Foyt
11.4.1959British Empire TrophyLister - Jaguar8Jim Clark
11.4.1959British Empire TrophyLister - JaguarSTMasten Gregory
11.4.1959British Empire TrophyLister - Jaguar5Ivor Bueb
11.4.1959British Empire TrophyLister - Jaguar6Ron Flockhart
11.4.1959British Empire TrophyLister - JaguarDNFBruce Halford
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar3Masten Gregory
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]Lister - JaguarDNSBruce Halford
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar6Jim Clark
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]Lister - JaguarDNFIvor Bueb
19.4.1959SCCA National Marlboro Lister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
19.4.1959SCCA National Marlboro Lister - Jaguar4Dick Thompson
25.4.1959Charterhall [S+2.0]Lister - Jaguar1Jim Clark
25.4.1959Martini Trophy Brands HaLister - Jaguar1John Bekaert
2.5.1959Silverstone InternationaLister - JaguarDNFMasten Gregory
2.5.1959Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar3Ivor Bueb
2.5.1959Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar7Peter Blond
3.5.1959SCCA National Virginia Lister - Corvette3Fred Windridge
3.5.1959SCCA National Virginia Lister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
3.5.1959SCCA National Virginia Lister - Jaguar7Dick Thompson/[Briggs Cunningham]
9.5.1959SilverstoneLister - Jaguar1John Bekaert
9.5.1959SilverstoneLister - Jaguar2Peter Mould
9.5.1959Snetterton [S3.0+S+3.0]Lister - Jaguar2John Bekaert
9.5.1959Snetterton [S3.0+S+3.0]Lister - Jaguar4Bill Moss
10.5.1959GP HelsinkiLister - JaguarDNSAndre Pilette
17.5.1959SCCA National CumberlandLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
18.5.1959National Open Crystal PaLister - Jaguar?.Bill Moss
18.5.1959National Open Crystal PaLister - Jaguar5Bruce Halford
18.5.1959National Open Crystal PaLister - Jaguar4Ivor Bueb
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - Corvette?.Ron Brightman
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - ChevroletDNFMike Anthony
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar3Peter Blond
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar2John Bekaert
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar?.Jones
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - JaguarDNFJim Clark
30.5.1959Rufforth [Sports]Lister - Jaguar1Jim Clark
31.5.1959SCCA National BridgehampLister9Briggs Cunningham
31.5.1959SCCA National BridgehampLister5John Fitch
31.5.1959SCCA National BridgehampLister - Corvette3Fred Windridge
31.5.1959SCCA National BridgehampLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
31.5.1959USAC MeadowdaleLister - Corvette12Jimmy Younger
31.5.1959USAC MeadowdaleLister - Corvette9Wayne Weiler
7.6.19591000 km NburgringLister Monza Jaguar DNF Masten Gregory/*Innes Ireland/(Jock Lawrence)
7.6.19591000 km NburgringLister - JaguarDNF SMike Taylor/Peter Blond
21.6.195924 h Le MansLister - JaguarDNAFreddy Rousselle/Jacques Croisier
21.6.195924 h Le MansLister - JaguarDNAMike Taylor/Jonathan Sieff
21.6.195924 h Le MansLister LM JaguarDNFIvor Bueb/Bruce Halford/(Mike McDonell)
21.6.195924 h Le MansLister LM JaguarDNFWalt Hansgen/Peter Blond/(Mike McDonell)
21.6.195924 h Le MansLister - JaguarDNALucien Bianchi/Jacques Croisier/Paul Nokin
21.6.1959SCCA National Road AmeriLister - Chevrolet1Fred Windridge
28.6.1959Mallory Park [S+1.2]Lister - Jaguar2Peter Mould
5.7.1959USAC MeadowdaleLister - Corvette6Wayne Weiler
5.7.1959World Cup ZandvoortLister - JaguarDNFJim Clark
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - ChevroletDNAMike Anthony
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - Jaguar5Bruce Halford
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - Jaguar6Ivor Bueb
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - JaguarDNFJohn Bekaert
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - Jaguar4Jim Clark
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - Jaguar9Peter Mould
18.7.1959GP AintreeLister - JaguarDNFPeter Blond
25.7.1959USAC Lime RockLister - Bristol5Robert Colombosian
2.8.1959Mallory Park [S+1.2]Lister - Jaguar2Jim Clark
2.8.1959Snetterton [Sports]Lister - Jaguar?.Peter Mould
2.8.1959Snetterton [Sports]Lister - Jaguar2Bill Moss
9.8.1959SCCA National MontgomeryLister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]Lister - Chevrolet?.Mike Anthony
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar4Jim Clark
5.9.1959Tourist TrophyLister - JaguarDNFPeter Blond/Jonathan Sieff
6.9.1959USAC MeadowdaleLister - CorvetteSTJim Rathmann
13.9.1959500 mile Road AmericaLister - Jaguar4Phil Forno/Briggs Cunningham
13.9.1959500 mile Road AmericaLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen/Ed Crawford
13.9.1959Mallory Park [S+1.2]Lister - Jaguar2Bill Moss
13.9.1959Mallory Park [S+1.2]Lister - Jaguar1Jim Clark
26.9.1959GP Watkins GlenLister - ChevroletDNFFred Windridge
26.9.1959GP Watkins GlenLister - Jaguar1Walt Hansgen
26.9.1959GP Watkins GlenLister - JaguarDNFEd Crawford
26.9.1959GP Watkins GlenLister - Jaguar6Briggs Cunningham/Ed Crawford
27.9.1959Charterhall [S+1.5]Lister - JaguarDNFJim Clark
3.10.1959SilverstoneLister - Jaguar1Peter Mould
4.10.1959Charterhall [Handicap]Lister - Jaguar13Jim Clark
4.10.1959Charterhall [S+1.5]Lister - Jaguar1Jim Clark
11.10.1959USAC 200 mile Riverside Lister - CorvetteDNAWayne Weiler
11.10.1959USAC 200 mile Riverside Lister - JaguarSTJack Flaherty
15.11.1959SCCA National DaytonaLister - Jaguar2Walt Hansgen
28.2.1960Palm Spring [S+3.0]Lister - Corvette4Ronnie Hissom
28.2.1960Palm Spring [S+3.0]Lister - Corvette3Jim Connor
27.3.1960Snetterton [S3.0/S+3.0]Lister - Jaguar3John Bekaert
3.4.1960USAC RiversideLister - ChevroletSTJim Connor
3.4.1960USAC Riverside Lister - JaguarSTJack Flaherty
16.4.1960SCCA National Marlboro Lister - CorvetteDNFBud Gates
18.4.1960Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Chevrolet CorvetteDNFMike Anthony
30.4.1960Aintree InternationalLister - ChevroletDNA
30.4.1960Aintree InternationalLister - JaguarSTJohn Coundley
1.5.1960SCCA National Virginia Lister - Corvette5Bud Gates
1.5.1960Silverstone [Sports]Lister - Jaguar3Peter Mould
14.5.1960Silverstone InternationaLister - ChevroletDNAMike Anthony
14.5.1960Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar11Peter Sargent
14.5.1960Silverstone InternationaLister - JaguarDNABruce Halford
14.5.1960Silverstone InternationaLister - JaguarDNAMould
14.5.1960Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar5John Coundley
15.5.1960SCCA National CumberlandLister - BuickDNFFloyd Aaskov
15.5.1960SCCA National Cumberland Lister - Corvette11Bud Gates
21.5.1960Martini 100 SilverstoneLister - Chevrolet Corvette?.John Ewer
21.5.1960Martini 100 SilverstoneLister - Jaguar1John Coundley
30.5.1960SCCA National BridgehampLister - Bristol6Robert Colombosian
6.6.1960GoodwoodLister - Jaguar4John Coundley
6.6.1960Oulton ParkLister - Jaguar2Gerald Ashmore
2.7.1960SCCA National Lime RockLister - ChevroletDNFBud Gates
2.7.1960SCCA National Lime RockLister - BuickDNFFloyd Aaskov
2.7.1960SCCA National Lime RockLister - Chevrolet1George Constantine
2.7.1960SCCA National Lime RockLister - Bristol4Robert Colombosian
9.7.1960Leinster TrophyLister - Bristol11Raphael
10.7.1960Snetterton [Sports]Lister - Jaguar1John Bekaert
16.7.1960GP SilverstoneLister - Chevrolet11Mike Anthony
16.7.1960GP SilverstoneLister - Jaguar5Peter Mould
16.7.1960GP SilverstoneLister - Jaguar6John Bekaert
17.7.1960Brands HatchLister - Jaguar2Gordon Lee
31.7.1960USAC Road AmericaLister - Corvette13Bud Gates
31.7.1960USAC Road AmericaLister - Corvette6George Constantine
31.7.1960USAC Road AmericaLister - Jaguar15Fred Rideske
1.8.1960Brands Hatch InternationLister - Jaguar?.Peter Jopp
1.8.1960Brands Hatch InternationLister - Jaguar?.Gordon Lee
6.8.1960SCCA National MontgomeryLister - CorvetteDNFGeorge Constantine
6.8.1960SCCA National MontgomeryLister - Bristol10Jack Walsh
7.8.1960AintreeLister - Jaguar2Gerald Ashmore
27.8.1960BridgehamptonLister - Jaguar2Bob Grossman
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbar Lister - ChevroletDNADon Hulette
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [S+1.5] Lister - ChevroletDNADon Hulette
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson Lister - Corvette11Bud Gates
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson Lister - Buick6Floyd Aaskov
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson Lister - Corvette1George Constantine
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson Lister - Bristol7Robert Colombosian
24.9.1960GP Watkins GlenLister - BuickDNFFloyd Aaskov
24.9.1960GP Watkins GlenLister - Jaguar6Ed Hugus
24.9.1960GP Watkins GlenLister - Bristol8Robert Colombosian
16.10.1960Brands HatchLister - Jaguar1Bruce Halford
16.10.1960Brands HatchLister - Jaguar6John Bekaert
16.10.1960USAC RiversideLister - CorvetteDNFGeorge Constantine
16.10.1960USAC Riverside Lister - CorvetteDNAPete Harrison
16.10.1960USAC Riverside Lister - JaguarDNACharles Ridenour
16.10.1960USAC Riverside Lister - CorvetteDNFDon Hulette
23.10.1960USAC Laguna SecaLister - Chevrolet?.George Constantine
23.10.1960USAC Laguna SecaLister - JaguarDNAChuck Daigh
23.10.1960USAC Laguna SecaLister - JaguarSTChuck Howard
23.10.1960USAC Laguna Seca Lister Costin JaguarDNADave Ridenour
3.12.1960Governor's TrophyLister - Corvette10Art Huttinger
4.12.1960Nassau TrophyLister - Corvette37Art Huttinger
4.12.1960Nassau TrophyLister38George Constantine
27.12.1960Brands HatchLister - Jaguar3Gordon Lee
1961Cotati [Main] Lister - Jaguar3Dave Ridenour
5.2.1961SCCA National DaytonaLister - Chevrolet2Art Huttinger
11.3.1961BARC Goodwood [S+1.1]Lister - Jaguar2Bill de Selincourt
3.4.1961Brands Hatch [S+1.2]Lister - Jaguar1Gordon Lee
3.4.1961Mallory Park [S+1.1]Lister3Gil Baird
3.4.1961Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar4John Coundley
15.4.1961National Open Oulton ParLister - Jaguar?.Roy Bloxam
15.4.1961National Open Oulton ParLister - Jaguar4John Coundley
22.4.1961Aintree 200Lister - Jaguar?.Gil Baird
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia Lister - JaguarDNFBob Grossman
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia Lister - JaguarDNFPete Harrison
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia Lister - CorvetteDNFDick Thompson
6.5.1961Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar?.Gordon Lee
21.5.1961National Open Crystal PaLister - Jaguar3Gordon Lee
21.5.1961Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - JaguarDNFRoy Bloxham
21.5.1961Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar2Bill de Selincourt
28.5.1961SCCA National BridgehampLister Costin Buick6Gerry Georgi
25.6.1961USAC IndianapolisLister - ChevroletDNFLen Sutton
25.6.1961USAC IndianapolisLister - Chevrolet7Jimmy Daywalt
2.7.1961SCCA National Lime RockLister Costin Buick3Gerry George
2.7.1961SCCA National Lime RockLister Costin Chevrolet5Pete Harrison
6.8.1961SCCA National BridgehampLister - Chevrolet5Art Huttinger
6.8.1961SCCA National BridgehampLister Costin Chevrolet6Pete Harrison
19.8.1961Preliminary Vaca Valley Lister - Jaguar1Dave Ridenour
20.8.1961SCCA National IndianapolLister - Chevrolet6Bud Gates
20.8.1961Vaca Valley [Modified] Lister - JaguarDNADave Ridenour
10.9.1961500 mile Road AmericaLister - Jaguar19Howard Quick/Ulrich
10.9.1961500 mile Road AmericaLister Costin Chevrolet7Pete Harrison/Art Huttinger
22.9.1961GP Watkins GlenLister - Chevrolet9Bud Gates
15.10.1961USAC RiversideLister - CorvetteDNA
15.10.1961USAC Riverside Lister JaguarDNADave Ridenour
21.10.1961Laguna Seca [Modified]Lister - Jaguar1Dave Ridenour
22.10.1961USAC Laguna SecaLister Costin JaguarDNFDave Ridenour
8.12.1961Governor's TrophyLister - CorvetteDNFArt Huttinger
8.12.1961Governor's TrophyLister - JaguarST
28.1.1962SCCA National DaytonaLister - Chevrolet4Art Huttinger
11.2.19623 h DaytonaLister - Chevrolet Corvette31Joe Weatherly/(Larry Frank)
11.2.19623 h DaytonaLister - Chevrolet CorvetteDNFArt Huttinger
11.2.19623 h DaytonaLister - Chevrolet Corvette34Anson Johnson
15.4.1962SCCA National Marlboro ListerSTEd Lowther
23.4.1962Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar4John Coundley
23.4.1962Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLister - Jaguar3Bill de Selincourt
28.4.1962200 mile AintreeLister - Jaguar3John Coundley
29.4.1962SCCA National Virginia ListerDNAHarold Keck
29.4.1962SCCA National Virginia Lister - ChevroletDNFPete Harrison
12.5.1962Silverstone InternationaLister - Jaguar4John Coundley
13.5.1962SCCA National CumberlandLister Costin Corvette4Gene Hobbs
3.6.1962SCCA National BridgehampLister Costin Chevrolet6Pete Harrison
30.6.1962SCCA National Lime RockLister - Bristol5Robert Colombosian
2.7.1962SnettertonLister - Jaguar?.Mike Pendleton
12.7.1962Silverstone [S+GT]Lister - Jaguar1John Coundley
12.7.1962Silverstone [S+GT]Lister - Jaguar2Dizzy Addicott
12.7.1962Silverstone [S+GT]Lister - Jaguar10Mike Pendleton
15.7.1962Scott Brown Trophy SnettLister - BMC?.A. Mackreth
15.7.1962Scott Brown Trophy SnettLister - Jaguar5John Coundley
22.7.1962SCCA Regional Virginia Lister - Corvette1Graham Shaw
6.8.1962Guards Trophy Brands HatLister - Jaguar?.Mike Pendleton
6.8.1962Guards Trophy Brands HatLister - Jaguar6Bruce Halford
3.9.1962SCCA National Thompson Lister5Don Adams
3.9.1962SCCA National Thompson Lister - Chevrolet Apache Spe6Bud Gates
9.9.1962500 mile Road AmericaLister - Jaguar9Howard Quick/Hal Ulrich
30.9.1962USAC KentLister - Chevrolet3Lew Florence
7.10.1962Silverstone [Sports]Lister - Jaguar5Mike Pendleton
14.10.1962USAC RiversideLister - CorvetteDNALew Florence
14.10.1962USAC Riverside Lister Costin JaguarDNATed Petersen
28.10.1962SCCA Regional VirginiaLister - Corvette4Graham Shaw
27.12.1962Brands HatchLister - JaguarSTJohn Coundley
17.4.1963Le Mans TestLister - Jaguar Coupe8Peter Sargent/Peter Lumsden
27.4.1963SCCA National Virginia ListerDNAEd Lowther
11.5.1963Daily Express SilverstonLister - Jaguar15Peter Lumsden
3.6.1963Crystal PalaceLister - Jaguar6Deacon
16.6.196324 h Le MansLister - Jaguar CoupeDNFPeter Sargent/*Peter Lumsden
30.6.1963GP Watkins GlenLister - CorvetteDNFJohn Snyder
30.6.1963GP Watkins GlenLister - Corvette6Ed Lowther
7.7.1963SCCA Regional Virginia Lister - CorvetteSTGraham Shaw
14.7.1963Scott-Brown MemorialLister - Jaguar5Wrottesley
21.7.1963USRRC KentLister - CorvetteDNFBill Stephens
2.9.1963SCCA National Thompson Lister - Buick5Eno DePasquale
8.9.1963500 mile Road AmericaLister - CorvetteDNFJohn Snyder/*Charlie Hayes
8.9.1963500 mile Road AmericaLister - Jaguar21Howard Quick/Hal Ullrich
22.9.1963USRRC Mid-OhioLister5Ed Lowther
27.10.1963SCCA Divisional VirginiaLister CorvetteST(Ross McCain)
8.12.1963Nassau TrophyLister - FordST
5.4.1964USRRC PensacolaListerDNFJohn Snyder
11.4.1964Oulton ParkLister - Jaguar?.T. Fletcher
19.4.1964Aintree 200Lister - Jaguar?.T. Fletcher
10.5.1964USRRC KentLister16Stan Barnett
31.5.19641000 km Nburgring Lister - Jaguar Coupe DNF Jack Fairman/John Coundley
9.5.1965USRRC Laguna SecaLister - Corvette13Bob Erickson
30.7.1967500 mile Road AmericaLister - Chevrolet13Richard Dagiel/Guy Wooley
30.4.1995Prequalifying Le MansLister Storm GTS24Geoff Lees
18.6.199524 h Le MansLister Storm GTSDNFGeoff Lees/Dominic Chapell/Rupert Keegan
4.2.199624 h DaytonaLister Storm GTS46Geoff Lees/Kenny Acheson/Tiff Needell
28.4.1996Prequalifying Le MansLister Storm GTS24Geoff Lees
16.6.199624 h Le MansLister Storm GTS19Geoff Lees/Tiff Needell/Anthony Reid
30.6.19964 h Nburgring Lister Storm GTS DNF Geoff Lees/Tiff Needell
14.7.19964 h AnderstorpLister Storm GTSDNAGeoff Lees/Tiff Needell
25.8.19961000 km SuzukaLister Storm GTSDNFChristophe Bouchut/Geoff Lees/Tiff Needell
8.9.19964 h Brands HatchLister Storm GTSDNFGeoff Lees/Tiff Needell
22.9.19964 h SpaLister Storm GTSDNFGeoff Lees/Tiff Needell
2.2.199724 h DaytonaLister Storm GTS19Geoff Lees/Tiff Needell/Anthony Reid
6.4.1997BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTLDNAJake Ulrich/Ian Flux
4.5.1997Prequalifying Le MansLister Storm GTL13Geoff Lees/Tiff Needell/Julian Bailey
4.5.1997Prequalifying Le MansLister Storm GTL26Geoff Lees/Jake Ulrich/Julian Bailey
1.6.1997BRDC GT DoningtonLister Strom GTL1Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
15.6.199724 h Le MansLister Storm GTLDNA
15.6.199724 h Le MansLister Storm GTLDNFGeoff Lees/Tiff Needell/George Fouche
15.6.199724 h Le MansLister Storm GTLDNFJulian Bailey/Mark Skaife/Thomas Erdos
22.6.1997BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm GTL7Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
13.7.1997BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTLDNFJake Ulrich/Ian Flux
3.8.1997BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm GTL2Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
17.8.1997BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm GTLDNFJake Ulrich/Tiff Needell
20.9.19971 h 45 min Las VegasLister Storm V123Julian Bailey/Craig Baird
28.9.19971 h 45 min Pikes PeakLister Storm V122Julian Bailey/Craig Baird
5.10.1997BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL5Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
18.10.19973 h SebringLister Storm GTLDNFJulian Bailey/*Eric van de Poele/(Christophe Bouchut)
26.10.19973 h Laguna SecaLister Storm GTL27Julian Bailey/Eric van de Poele
1.2.199824 h DaytonaLister Storm GTL70Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell/Craig Baird/*(Richard Dean)
23.3.1998Test SilverstoneLister Storm GTL4William Hewland/Evans
23.3.1998Test SilverstoneLister Storm GTL2Ulrich/Ian Flux
5.4.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL (98)DNFJulian Bailey
5.4.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL4Ian Flux/Jake Ulrich
5.4.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL8William Hewland/Paul Evans
3.5.1998Prequalifying Le MansLister Storm GTL JaguarDQJulian Bailey/Tiff Needell/Anthony Reid
4.5.1998BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm GTL3Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell
4.5.1998BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm GTL7Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
4.5.1998BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm GTL5William Hewland/Paul Evans
17.5.1998500 km SilverstoneLister Storm GTLDNA
24.5.1998BRDC GT CroftLister Storm GTLDNS(Julian Bailey)
24.5.1998BRDC GT CroftLister Storm GTL3William Hewland/Paul Evans
7.6.199824 h Le MansLister Storm GTLDNAThomas Erdos/Anthony Reid
7.6.199824 h Le MansLister Storm GTLDNAJulian Bailey/Tiff Needell/Anthony Reid
14.6.1998BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell
14.6.1998BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm GTLDNFJake Ulrich/Ian Flux
14.6.1998BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm GTL2William Hewland/Paul Evans
12.7.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL2Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell
12.7.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTLDNFJake Ulrich/Ian Flux
12.7.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL5William Hewland/Paul Evans
2.8.1998BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm GTL4Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell
2.8.1998BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm GTL3Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
2.8.1998BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm GTLDNFWilliam Hewland/Paul Evans
23.8.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL2Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell
23.8.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL9Jake Ulrich/Ian Flux
23.8.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL3William Hewland/Paul Evans
27.9.1998BRDC GT SpaLister Storm GTL2Julian Bailey/Anthony Reid
27.9.1998BRDC GT SpaLister Storm GTL3Ian McKellar/Ian Flux
27.9.1998BRDC GT SpaLister Storm GTL4William Hewland/Paul Evans
4.10.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Tiff Needell
4.10.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTLDNFIan Flux/Jake Ulrich
4.10.1998BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL3William Hewland/Paul Evans
31.1.199924 h DaytonaLister Storm GTLDNA
28.3.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL3Jamie Campbell-Walter/Julian Bailey
11.4.1999500 km Monza [FIA GT]Lister StormDNFJulian Bailey/Bobby Verdon-Roe/*Tiff Needell
3.5.1999BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
9.5.1999500 mile SilverstoneLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/Bobby Verdon-Roe/Tiff Needell
31.5.1999BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
31.5.1999BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm4David Warnock/Robert Schirle
20.6.1999BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
20.6.1999BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm6David Warnock/Robert Schirle
20.6.1999BRDC GT Brands HatchLister StormDNFWilliam Hewland/Thorkild Thyrring
27.6.1999500 km HockenheimLister Storm4Julian Bailey/Tim Sugden/Jamie Campbell-Walter
27.6.1999500 km HockenheimLister StormDNFMike Hezemans/David Hart
4.7.1999500 km HungaroringLister StormDNAJulian Bailey/Ray Bellm/Tiff Needell
11.7.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL2Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
11.7.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm4David Warnock/Robert Schirle
11.7.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm5William Hewland/Thorkild Thyrring
18.7.1999500 km ZolderLister Storm12Julian Bailey/Andy Wallace/Jamie Campbell-Walter
18.7.1999500 km ZolderLister Storm3Mike Hezemans/David Hart
7.8.1999BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
7.8.1999BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm5David Warnock/Robert Schirle
8.8.1999500 km OscherslebenLister StormDNAJulian Bailey/Andy Wallace/Jamie Campbell-Walter
8.8.1999500 km OscherslebenLister StormDNAToine Hezemans/David Hart
8.8.1999BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
8.8.1999BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm4David Warnock/Robert Schirle
22.8.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTL4Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
22.8.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm5David Warnock/Robert Schirle
29.8.1999GP JyllandsringLister Storm1Thorkild Thyrring
5.9.1999500 km DoningtonLister Storm2Julian Bailey/William Hewland/Andy Wallace
5.9.1999500 km DoningtonLister StormDNADavid Warnock/Robert Schirle
5.9.1999BRDC GT CroftLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
26.9.1999BRDC GT SpaLister Storm GTL1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
26.9.1999BRDC GT SpaLister StormDNADavid Warnock/Robert Schirle
26.9.1999BRDC GT SpaLister Storm10Peter Hardman/Nicolaus Springer
10.10.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm GTLDNFJulian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
10.10.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm3William Hewland/Thorkild Thyrring
10.10.1999BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm6Nicolaus Springer/Peter Hardman
14.11.1999ESP GT ValenciaLister Storm2./2.Peter Hardman/Nicolaus Springer
25.3.2000BRDC GT ThruxtonLister Storm1David Warnock/Robert Schirle
26.3.2000500 km ValenciaLister Storm1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
26.3.2000500 km ValenciaLister StormDNFPeter Hardman/Nicolaus Springer/*Carlos Palau
2.4.2000500 km EstorilLister Storm1Julian Bailey/*(Jamie Campbell-Walter)
2.4.2000500 km EstorilLister Storm9Peter Hardman/*(Nicolaus Springer)/*(Philippe Favre)
9.4.2000BRDC GT CroftLister StormDNFDavid Warnock/Robert Schirle
16.4.2000500 km MonzaLister Storm3Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
16.4.2000500 km MonzaLister StormDNFPeter Hardman/*Nicolaus Springer/*Philippe Favre
30.4.2000ESP GT EstorilLister Jaguar1./1.Alberto Castello/Carlos Palau
1.5.2000BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister StormDNFDavid Warnock/Robert Schirle
7.5.2000BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm1David Warnock/Robert Schirle
14.5.2000500 km SilverstoneLister Storm1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
14.5.2000500 km SilverstoneLister Storm8Philippe Favre/Nicolaus Springer
21.5.2000BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm11David Warnock/Jamie Campbell-Walter
28.5.2000ESP GT ValenciaLister JaguarDNF/3Alberto Castello/Carlos Palau
4.6.2000BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm1David Warnock/Jamie Campbell-Walter
4.6.2000BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm4William Hewland/Paul Evans
18.6.200024 h Le MansLister StormDNABaileyNeedellCampbell-WalterHardmanSpringerWarnockSchirle
18.6.200024 h Le MansLister StormDNA
2.7.2000500 km HungaroringLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/*Jamie Campbell-Walter
2.7.2000500 km HungaroringLister Storm2Philippe Favre/Nicolaus Springer
2.7.2000BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm1David Warnock/Tiff Needell
2.7.2000ESP GT AlbaceteLister JaguarDNF/DAlberto Castello/Carlos Palau
23.7.2000500 km ZolderLister Storm1Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
23.7.2000500 km ZolderLister StormDNFTiff Needell/Nicolaus Springer
30.7.2000BRDC GT CroftLister Storm1David Warnock/Richard Dean
6.8.2000500 km A1-RingLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
6.8.2000500 km A1-RingLister StormDNFPhilippe Favre/Nicolaus Springer
20.8.2000BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm1David Warnock/Jamie Campbell-Walter
27.8.20001000 km SuzukaLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter/David Warnock
2.9.2000500 km LausitzringLister Storm5Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
2.9.2000500 km LausitzringLister Storm13Philippe Favre/Nicolaus Springer
3.9.2000BRDC GT SnettertonLister StormDNFDavid Warnock/Richard Dean
10.9.2000ESP GT JaramaLister Jaguar5./2.Alberto Castello/Carlos Palau
17.9.2000500 km BrnoLister Storm2Julian Bailey/Jamie Campbell-Walter
17.9.2000500 km BrnoLister Storm3Philippe Favre/Nicolaus Springer
24.9.2000BRDC GT SpaLister StormDNFDavid Warnock/Jamie Campbell-Walter
24.9.2000BRDC GT SpaLister Storm1Tiff Needell/Dave Clark
8.10.2000BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm2David Warnock/Julian Bailey
8.10.2000BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm1Dave Clark/Tiff Needell
15.10.2000ESP GT JerezLister Jaguar3./4.Alberto Castello/Carlos Palau
22.10.2000500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Julian Bailey
22.10.2000500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm5Philippe Favre/Nicolaus Springer
12.11.2000ESP GT CatalunaLister JaguarDNF/3Alberto Castello/Carlos Palau
8.3.2001Monza TestsLister Storm4Jamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
8.3.2001Monza TestsLister Storm8Nicolaus Springer/Philippe Favre
1.4.2001500 km MonzaLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
1.4.2001500 km MonzaLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/*Nicolaus Springer
1.4.2001BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm1Mike Jordan/David Warnock
15.4.2001BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm2Mike Jordan/David Warnock
16.4.2001500 km BrnoLister Storm4Jamie Campbell-Walter/Richard Dean
16.4.2001500 km BrnoLister Storm11Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
29.4.2001BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm1Mike Jordan/David Warnock
1.5.2001500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
1.5.2001500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm5Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
6.5.2001ESP GT JaramaLister Storm Jaguar2./1.Miguel Angel de Castro/Balba Camino
7.5.2001BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm2Mike Jordan/David Warnock
13.5.2001500 km SilverstoneLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
13.5.2001500 km SilverstoneLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer/*David Warnock
20.5.2001500 km ZolderLister StormDQJamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
20.5.2001500 km ZolderLister StormDNFJulian Bailey/*Nicolaus Springer
27.5.2001ESP GT ValenciaLister Storm Jaguar3./2.Miguel Angel de Castro/Balba Camino
28.5.2001BRDC GT CroftLister Storm1David Warnock/Mike Jordan
3.6.2001ISC Donington ParkLister StormDNFGeoff Lister/Nigel Greensall
3.6.2001ISC Donington ParkLister Storm1David Warnock/James Pickford
10.6.2001BRDC GT RockinghamLister Storm3David Warnock/Mike Jordan
24.6.2001BRDC GT Castle CombeLister Storm1David Warnock/Mike Jordan
1.7.2001500 km HungaroringLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/*Tom Coronel
1.7.2001500 km HungaroringLister Storm4Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
8.7.2001BRDC GT Brands HatchLister StormDNFMike Jordan/David Warnock
8.7.2001ESP GT EstorilLister Storm Jaguar3./15Miguel Angel de Castro/Balba Camino
22.7.2001BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm1Mike Jordan/David Warnock
5.8.200124 h SpaLister StormDNAJamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
5.8.200124 h SpaLister StormDNAJulian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
5.8.200124 h SpaLister StormDNA
19.8.2001BRDC GT KnockhillLister Storm3Mike Jordan/David Warnock
26.8.2001500 km A1-RingLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/Tom Coronel
26.8.2001500 km A1-RingLister Storm4Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
26.8.2001500 km A1-RingLister StormDNFJean-Pierre Jarier/*Francois Lafon
2.9.2001BRDC GT ThruxtonLister Storm1Mike Jordan/David Warnock
9.9.2001500 km NburgringLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Mike Jordan
9.9.2001500 km NburgringLister Storm6Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
16.9.2001BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm2David Warnock/Mike Jordan
16.9.2001ESP GT AlbaceteLister Storm JaguarDNF/DMiguel Angel de Castro/Balba Camino
29.9.2001BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm1David Warnock/Mike Jordan
30.9.2001500 km JaramaLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/*Bobby Verdon-Roe
30.9.2001500 km JaramaLister Storm5Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
14.10.2001ESP GT ChesteLister Storm JaguarDQ/DND3
21.10.2001500 km EstorilLister Storm2Jamie Campbell-Walter/Bobby Verdon-Roe
21.10.2001500 km EstorilLister Storm10Julian Bailey/Nicolaus Springer
11.11.2001ESP GT MontmeloLister Storm JaguarDNSMiguel Angel de Castro/Balba Camino
27.1.2002Mil Milhas BrasileirasLister Storm68AlcDiniz/JamCampbell-Walter/AlfGuaranaMenezes/BelmidoJunior
27.3.2002FIA GT Test Magny-CoursLister StormNC
27.3.2002FIA GT Test Magny-CoursLister StormNC
1.4.2002BRDC GT Brands HatchLister Storm10David Warnock/Mike Jordan
14.4.2002BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm1David Warnock/Mike Jordan
14.4.2002BRDC GT DoningtonLister StormDNSJamie Campbell-Walter
21.4.2002500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
21.4.2002500 km Magny-CoursLister StormDNFBobby Verdon-Roe/Paul Knapfield
4.5.2002500 km SilverstoneLister Storm4Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
4.5.2002500 km SilverstoneLister Storm2Bobby Verdon-Roe/Paul Knapfield
5.5.2002BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm3Mike Jordan/David Warnock
12.5.2002BRDC GT KnockhillLister Storm4David Warnock/Mike Jordan
19.5.2002500 km BrnoLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
19.5.2002500 km BrnoLister StormDNFBobby Verdon-Roe/Paul Knapfield
26.5.2002BRDC GT CroftLister Storm2David Warnock/Mike Jordan
2.6.2002500 km JaramaLister Storm6Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
2.6.2002500 km JaramaLister StormDNFBobby Verdon-Roe/*Paul Knapfield
3.6.2002BRDC GT SilverstoneLister Storm2David Warnock/Mike Jordan
23.6.2002BRDC GT Castle CombeLister Storm1David Warnock/Mike Jordan
30.6.2002500 km AnderstorpLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/*Nicolaus Springer
30.6.2002500 km AnderstorpLister StormDNFPaul Knapfield/*Bobby Verdon-Roe
9.7.2002Spa TestLister StormST
9.7.2002Spa TestLister StormST
14.7.2002500 km OscherslebenLister Storm2Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
14.7.2002500 km OscherslebenLister Storm6Bobby Verdon-Roe/Paul Knapfield
21.7.2002BRDC GT RockinghamLister StormDNFDavid Warnock/Mike Jordan
4.8.200224 h SpaLister StormDNFJamiCampbell-Walter/EricvandePoele/AndyWallace/NicoSpringer
4.8.200224 h SpaLister Storm2BobbyVerdon-Roe/MiguelAngeldeCastro/DavidSterckx/JustinLaw
18.8.2002BRDC GT Oulton ParkLister Storm13David Warnock/Mike Jordan
1.9.2002BRDC GT SnettertonLister Storm4David Warnock/Mike Jordan
15.9.2002BRDC GT ThruxtonLister Storm3David Warnock/Mike Jordan
22.9.2002500 km PergusaLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
22.9.2002500 km PergusaLister Storm7Bobby Verdon-Roe/Miguel Angel de Castro
22.9.2002BRDC GT DoningtonLister Storm1David Warnock/Mike Jordan
6.10.2002500 km DoningtonLister Storm19Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
6.10.2002500 km DoningtonLister StormDNFIan McKellar/David Warnock/*Bobby Verdon-Roe
20.10.2002500 km EstorilLister Storm3Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nicolaus Springer
20.10.2002500 km EstorilLister Storm21Ian McKellar/David Warnock/Bobby Verdon-Roe
7.3.2003FIA GT Test Barcelona Lister Storm2Peter Snowdon/Bobby Verdon-Roe
15.3.200312 h SebringLister Storm LMP53Jamie Campbell-Walter/Ian McKellar
6.4.2003500 km BarcelonaLister Storm5Bobby Verdon-Roe/Peter Snowdon
6.4.2003500 km BarcelonaLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
6.4.2003500 km BarcelonaLister Storm4Jean-Denis Deletraz/Andrea Piccini
27.4.2003500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm15Bobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
27.4.2003500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm9Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
27.4.2003500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm3Andrea Piccini/Jean-Denis Deletraz
4.5.2003Le Mans TestLister Storm LMP16Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch/Jean-Denis Deletraz
11.5.2003500 km PergusaLister Storm4Bobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
11.5.2003500 km PergusaLister Storm2Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
11.5.2003500 km PergusaLister Storm5Jean-Denis Deletraz/Andrea Piccini
25.5.2003500 km BrnoLister Storm6Bobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
25.5.2003500 km BrnoLister Storm4Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
25.5.2003500 km BrnoLister Storm2Jean-Denis Deletraz/Andrea Piccini
15.6.200324 h Le MansLister Storm LMPDNSJamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch/Vincent Vosse
29.6.2003500 km DoningtonLister Storm5Bobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
29.6.2003500 km DoningtonLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch/Tom Coronel
29.6.2003500 km DoningtonLister Storm13Jean-Denis Deletraz/Andrea Piccini
8.7.2003Spa TestLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
8.7.2003Spa TestLister Storm2David Sterckx/Andrea Piccini
27.7.200324 h SpaLister StormDNFBobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra/Duncan Huisman/Jean-Marc Gounon
27.7.200324 h SpaLister StormDNFJaCampbell-Walter/NaKinch/ToCoronel/RoSchirle/(BaLeinders)
27.7.200324 h SpaLister Storm10AndreaPiccini/DavidSterckx/GabrieleLancieri/GavinPickering
31.8.20031000 km SpaLister Storm LMPDNAJamie Campbell-Walter
7.9.2003500 km AnderstorpLister StormDNFBobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
7.9.2003500 km AnderstorpLister Storm1Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
7.9.2003500 km AnderstorpLister Storm3Andrea Piccini/David Sterckx
7.9.2003500 km AnderstorpLister Storm15Jean-Marc Gounon/Paul Knapfield
21.9.2003500 km OscherslebenLister Storm2Bobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
21.9.2003500 km OscherslebenLister StormDQJamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
21.9.2003500 km OscherslebenLister StormDNFAndrea Piccini/David Sterckx
21.9.2003500 km OscherslebenLister StormDNFJean-Marc Gounon/Paul Knapfield
5.10.2003500 km EstorilLister StormDNFBobby Verdon-Roe/Marco Zadra
5.10.2003500 km EstorilLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch
5.10.2003500 km EstorilLister StormDNFAndrea Piccini/David Sterckx
5.10.2003500 km EstorilLister StormDNSJean-Marc Gounon/Paul Knapfield
19.10.2003500 km MonzaLister Storm8Marco Zadra/Bobby Verdon-Roe
19.10.2003500 km MonzaLister Storm3Nathan Kinch/Jamie Campbell-Walter
19.10.2003500 km MonzaLister Storm7David Sterckx/Andrea Piccini/Gabriele Lancieri
19.10.2003500 km MonzaLister StormDNFPaul Knapfield/Jean-Marc Gounon
9.11.20031000 km Le MansLister Storm LMP29Jamie Campbell-Walter/Nathan Kinch/Tom Coronel
5.3.2004FIA GT Monza TestLister Storm4Tom Coronel/Paul Knapfield
5.3.2004FIA GT Monza TestLister Storm9Toto Wolff/Patrick Pearce
28.3.2004500 km MonzaLister StormDNFPatrick Pearce/Paul Knapfield/Tom Coronel
28.3.2004500 km MonzaLister StormDNAPatrick Pearce/Toto Wolff
28.3.2004500 km MonzaLister StormDNFJamie Derbyshire/Jamie Campbell-Walter
28.3.2004IGT ImolaLister Storm12./3Stefano Zonca/Angelo Lancelotti
18.4.2004500 km ValenciaLister StormDNFPaul Knapfield/Patrick Pearce/Tom Coronel
18.4.2004500 km ValenciaLister StormDNAPatrick Pearce/Paul Knapfield
18.4.2004500 km ValenciaLister Storm5Jamie Campbell-Walter/Jamie Derbyshire
18.4.2004IGT MonzaLister Storm1./4.Angelo Lancelotti/Stefano Zonca
25.4.2004Le Mans TestLister Storm LMP16John Nielsen/Casper Elgaard/Jens Moller
2.5.2004500 km Magny-CoursLister StormDNATom Coronel/Paul Knapfield/Patrick Pearce
2.5.2004500 km Magny-CoursLister Storm7Jamie Campbell-Walter/Jamie Derbyshire
2.5.2004IGT MagioneLister Storm16./9Alessandro Lancellotti/Stefano Zonca
9.5.20041000 km MonzaLister Storm LMPDNAJohn Nielsen/Casper Elgaard/Jens Moller/Tom Coronel
16.5.2004500 km HockenheimLister Storm16Tom Coronel/Patrick Pearce
16.5.2004500 km HockenheimLister Storm4Jamie Campbell-Walter/Jamie Derbyshire
16.5.2004IGT MugelloLister Storm1./1.Alessandro Lancellotti/Stefano Zonca
30.5.2004500 km BrnoLister StormDNATom Coronel/Patrick Pearce
30.5.2004500 km BrnoLister Storm5Jamie Campbell-Walter/Jamie Derbyshire
30.5.2004IGT PergusaLister Storm15./1Angelo Lancelotti/Stefano Zonca
13.6.200424 h Le MansLister Storm LMP25John Nielsen/Casper Elgaard/Jens Moller
13.6.2004IGT MisanoLister Storm3./19Angelo Lancelotti/Stefano Zonca
27.6.2004500 km DoningtonLister StormDNA
27.6.2004500 km DoningtonLister Storm24Jamie Derbyshire/Jamie Campbell-Walter/Bobby Verdon-Roe
3.7.20041000 km Nburgring Lister Storm LMP DNF John Nielsen/Justin Keen
18.7.2004IGT MisanoLister Storm1./1.Angelo Lancelotti/Stefano Zonca
1.8.200424 h SpaLister StormDNFGregor Fisken/Ian Donaldson/Robert Schirle
1.8.200424 h SpaLister StormDNFBobVerdon-Roe/JamDerbyshire/JamCampbell-Walter/PetSnowdon
14.8.20041000 km SilverstoneLister Storm LMPDNFJustin Keen/Rob Barff
5.9.2004500 km ImolaLister StormDNFJamie Campbell-Walter/Jamie Derbyshire
12.9.20041000 km SpaLister Storm LMPDNFJustin Keen/Marc Goossens
19.9.2004IGT VallelungaLister StormDNF/2Angelo Lancelotti/Stefano Zonca
13.11.20046 h VallelungaLister Storm LMP1Stefano Zonca/Angelo Lancelotti