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The Lister Motor Company Limited (LMCL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warranty Wise (Warrantywise).

The company was formed in order to bring together all the elements of the Lister brand under one roof. Subsequently LMCL has purchased from George Lister Engineering Limited of Cambridge the original jigs, plans and drawings and all assets and intellectual property rights associated with the design and manufacture of the Lister cars of the 1950s and 1960’s and in particular the Lister ‘Knobbly’ cars.

Similarly, LMCL has also purchased from Laurence Pearce all assets and intellectual property, trademarks, trade names and logos in relation to Lister, Lister Storm and Lister.

The Lister Motor Company Limited owns full title, all assets, intellectual property and all commercial rights surrounding the design and manufacture of all past, present and future Lister cars, including Lister Storm and Lister and their component parts and comprises the following group of companies:

Lister Cars Limited, Brian Lister (Light Engineering) Limited, Lister Storm Racing Limited, Lister Storm LMP Limited, Lister Heritage Limited.

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"Lister Cars" means The Lister Motor Company Ltd. – a company with sole shareholder belonging to the Warrantywise Group - headquartered at Trident Park, 3 Trident Way, Blackburn, BB1 3NU, England.

“Site” means the Lister Cars websites, and all of its subdomains, managed by the same or its providers.

“User” or “You” means any visitor to or user of the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

The information, data, software, photographs, graphics, videos, backgrounds, fonts, graphic design, music, sounds, images, illustrations, drawings, icons, text and any other material present on the Site is work belonging to Lister Cars and/or third parties, and is protected by copyright.

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"Lister Cars" is a word mark and figurative mark owned by The Lister Motor Company; the logos used on this site are also registered by the same.

The brands and logos of third parties used on the Site are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

The use and reproduction in any form and manner of the above-mentioned brands and logos is strictly prohibited.

The following names and logos are ‘Registered Trade Marks’ and protected by law:

  • Lister
  • Lister Cars
  • Lister Storm
  • Lister Knobbly

The Lister Motor Company has now firmly contracted all of these assets back with George Lister Engineering Limited of Cambridge, the aim of which is to re-build the Lister brand which was/is a ‘National Institution’ and to once again design and build cars and go racing!

Importantly, before his passing in December 2014, Brian Lister himself had been consulted and kept informed of developments throughout the proceedings and was very pleased.

Permitted Use

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General Limits of Responsibility

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Privacy Protection

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Communications and Complaints

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Any request, report or claim should be addressed to:

The Lister Motor Company Ltd.Trident Park, 3 Trident Way, Blackburn, BB1 3NU, England.

Tel: +44 1254 355 101


Suspension of the Service

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Entire Agreement

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Applicable law and competent court.

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