The History of Lister

The history of Britain’s oldest and most successful racing car company

The Lister was Britain’s most successful sports racing car of the 1950's. It won at almost every circuit in Britain and was virtually unbeatable both in the UK, overseas and in the USA.

The 'Cars from Cambridge' designed, and built by Brian Lister, were simply the best of their kind and dominated the field with Archie Scott Brown driving, even when driven by Stirling Moss, who also drove a stint for Lister.

The Whittaker Factor

In 2013 The Lister Motor Company was acquired by father and son team Andrew and Lawrence Whittaker

Modern Engineering and Craftsmanship

Today, George Lister Engineering combines the two main attributes we see in so many of the companies which have lasted the test of time. Traditional skills and craftsmanship combined with expertise with new materials and the very latest and up to date techniques. As you walk around the factory you are more likely to see a worker with a laser in his hand than a hammer.

The jigs and plans may be old, but the engineering skills, techniques and machinery are bang up to date. All of the experience learned in racing the cars in the 1950’s and with Lister Storm in the 1990’s and later years is being called up with the original participants. Collin (Chippy) Crisp, Chris Keith-Lucas and Laurence Pearce are all pitching in, doing more than just lend a hand.


The Cars from Cambridge are back!

the Lister Motor Company

with Quentin Willson