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Lister Knobbly Continuation

Britain's most successful big-engined sports racing car of the late 1950's

Paul Skillter - Author

Lister Knobbly

The Lister Knobbly Continuation

Own a brand new original specification 1958 Works Lister 'Knobbly', built to meet current FIA Appendix K race regulations, direct from the Lister Factory in Cambridge complete with HTP.


The Lister Knobbly Continuation

Recreating the fairytale legend

Now, with state of the art facilities which include CNC machining and CAD design, George Lister Engineering are even better placed to deliver a historic race winning car. Brian Lister’s original working drawings and manufacturing jigs were re-commissioned and some of the old guard were called up into service, including Martin Murray, Colin 'Chippy' Crisp, Graham 'Curley' Hutton, Laurence Pearce and even Brian Lister himself. Heading up the manufacturing project was Mark Hallam, Technical Director at George Lister Engineering.

The cars are built to the specifications as in 1958, out of the box and ready to race with BHL(C) chassis insignia and FIA/HTP accreditation. There were two choices of engine: The race proven, D Type 3.8 litre 6 cylinder engine complete with the famous wide-angle cylinder head and dry sump lubrication or the 4,640cc Chevrolet Corvette V8 race specification that was originally built for the US racing market by Costin.

Driven by some of the most notable racing drivers of the 50's including Archie Scott Brown, Stirling Moss, Ivor Beub, Bruce Halford and Innes Ireland. All race preparation and track commissioning were undertaken by Chris Keith-Lucas of CKL Developments. Last but not least, that fantastic streamlined 'Knobbly's' body was re-created using the original jigs.

Key Factors

The 1957 Knobbly proved to be Lister's most successful car. The new Lister Jaguar will use the same Engine fitted with the famous wide angle head and gearbox as was in period.


Hand-formed lightweight aluminium alloy with a 3 ins x 16g seamless engineering tube chassis.


Dunlop racing peg drive alloys 5" x 16" with knock off spinners. Dunlop racing covers, front 600x16, rear 650x16, spare 600x16


3,781cc 6 cylinder engine with wide angled cylinder head and triple weber carburettors.


Available with Historical Technical Passport papers for historic race use or Individual Vehicle Approval pass for the road.

The Final Interview with Brian Lister.

From its inception in 1954, Lister quickly became a benchmark for the front-engined sports racing car.

  • Quentin Willson

"In the 50’s Lister Knobbly’s were out-dragging D type Jaguars, pulling 180mph and using miracle materials like magnesium alloy. I can’t wait to see existing Lister cars properly authenticated, new Listers being built and lots of Knobblys back in classic racing. This is wonderful news for the proud Lister racing heritage that stretches back more than half a century. "

Quentin Willson - Motoring Journalist

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