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Lister Costin

At Gerard’s Bend at Mallory you could set the car up going into the bend hard, and get round the corner without touching the steering again.

Jim Clarke - Two Time Formula One World Champion

Lister Costin

The Lister Costin Continuation

Originally designed by renowned aerodynamicist Frank Costin, the Costin is one of the most successful cars in today’s historic racing scene. Own a brand new continuation of this iconic racing car built by the original Lister factory in Cambridge. Complete with HTP papers and ready to race.


The Lister Costin Continuation

Recreating the fairytale legend

In order that Listers could continue to be competitive in the big-engine classes in the 1959 season, Brian Lister was particularly receptive to the ideas of aerodynamicist Frank Costin, who had already suggested detail modifications to the ‘knobbly’ cars during 1958.

Costin persuaded Lister that many benefits could be gained from a multi-tube spaceframe, lighter and more rigid than the trusty twin-tube design which had featured in all Lister sports cars to date – especially if it carried a truly aerodynamic body. Accordingly, in October 1958 he was taken on full-time and given his own office and even an assistant (David Bennoy), with the brief of designing a car with exactly these features. But it soon became apparent that the spaceframe was complex and would take some months to design and develop, so as an interim measure the aerodynamic body intended for it would be produced first and fitted on the existing chassis which is how the ‘Costin’ Lister-Jaguar came about.

Frank Costin

During the 1959 racing season, Brian Lister called on the skills of Frank Costin, brother of Mike Costin of Cosworth fame, an expert aerodynamicist who had designed bodies for Lotus and Vanwall. Costin created an all-new sleek, low-drag aluminum body – and the Lister Costin was born.

For the 1959 season, George Lister Engineering in Cambridge built two works cars, to be driven by Ivor Bueb and Peter Blond. Both cars came with new additional safety features including Fire Proof Fuel Tank. Testing took place at Goodwood by Frank Costin with Ivor Bueb at the wheel. Bueb won the Sussex Trophy that very year in a Lister Costin, while both Bueb and Stirling Moss drove the Costin-bodied cars at Sebring. A Costin was also entered at the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1959 with Bruce Halford and Ivor Bueb driving.

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